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PHENOM INDIA is a performance enhancement company that is created by a group of individuals who strongly believe that, "Training Produces Results". With a combined training experience of over 100,000 hours we bring to you distinct advantages in areas where you need to produce business results.

We believe that standard training programs cannot fit all training needs. Every organization has a unique culture and hence unique set of concerns. With expert training professionals we provide customized, cost-effective and result-oriented classroom and virtual training solutions that enhance performance, improve productivity and generate bottom line business results.

Tribes of Dharmagiri 

Participants represent the elected elders of 10 different tribes. These tribes are all based in the jungles of Dharmagiri. Each tribe is member of a tribal alliance forged centuries ago to avoid infighting and blood shed

Each tribe has different assets and needs these to survive… 

Alliances are formed & broken, friends become enemies and enemies become friends

Who will survive at the end?

Golden Caves Of Rajmachi

Set in the ravines of rural India, the story connects ancient times to the current. Participants have gotten their hands on an old map to unlimited treasure.

The participants are divided in to smaller groups of 5 – 7 with dedicated roles to each team member.

After briefing them on how the game needs to be played, they are given 15 minutes to plan. They need to plan for calamities like the dacoits, storms, valley of dead etc.

They need to make sure everyone is safe.

Then an exhilarating hour of game play follows, which is designed for surprises, flash point decisions, twists and turns that teams have to manoeuvre.


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