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About Phenom

Phenom Services

PHENOM INDIA is a performance enhancement company that is created by a group of individuals who strongly believe that, "Training Produces Results". With a combined training experience of over 100,000 hours we bring to you distinct advantages in areas where you need to produce business results.

We believe that standard training programs cannot fit all training needs. Every organization has a unique culture and hence unique set of concerns. With expert training professionals we provide customized, cost-effective and result-oriented classroom and virtual training solutions that enhance performance, improve productivity and generate bottom line business results.

Case Studies


A large pharmaceutical company with its operations now based across South east Asia, Africa & Europe transitioned to a learning culture after being transnational in nature for decades; a learning academy was created, competencies were identified, a need based learning calendar was crafted and hundreds of employees underwent result based training's. Employee engagement levels were high, sales went up and top & bottom lines showed healthy growth.

Case Study 3

A Multinational ITES was dealing with great dissatisfaction among its senior managers; in surveys conducted, employee satisfaction was dipping, add to that they were also falling down the ranking at “Great Places to Work With.” An intervention for 20 VP’s was designed centered around the EQ framework, this included 3 months of one-on-one coaching with them, where the objective was to be emotionally sensitive to the needs of their senior managers. The result after 6 months- they went higher in the rankings at GPTWW, another survey showed a marked improvement in the satisfaction ranking.

Case Study 1

A multi billion dollar conglomerate was dealing with a challenge for its next level of leadership in its NBFC team; while they were sound from a knowledge perspective, they lacked the presence to be taken seriously as leadership material. A unique blend of leadership with executive presence was designed with regular follow up sessions and 65% of the audience is at a senior leadership role.

Case Study 2


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